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Areas Served

We work in all areas within Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. A short and not exhaustive list of the areas we've worked included:

Brookfield, WI, Kenosha, WI, New Berlin, WI, Muskego, WI, Mukwonago, WI, Twin Lakes, WI, Pleasant Prairie, WI, Silver Lake, WI, Powers Lake,WI,  Buffalo Grove, IL,  Antioch, IL, Lake Villa, IL, Lindenhurst, IL, Gurnee, IL, Burlington, WI, Lyons, Bristol, WI, Salem, WI, Union Grove, WI, Waterford, WI, Tichigan, WI, Wind Lake, WI, Waukesha, WI, and much more!​

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landscaping,Waterford WI
landscaping,Burlington WI
landscaping,Tichigan WI
landscaping,Whitewater WI
landscaping,Pleasant Prairie WI
landscaping,Kenosha WI
landscaping,Brookfield WI
landscaping,Bristol WI
landscaping,Wind Lake WI
landscaping,Twin Lakes WI
landscaping,Lake Geneva WI
landscaping,Williams Bay WI
landscaping,Somers WI
brick repair,Waterford WI
brick repair,Burlington WI
brick repair,Tichigan WI
brick repair,Whitewater WI
brick repair,Pleasant Prairie WI
brick repair,Kenosha WI
brick repair,Brookfield WI
brick repair,Bristol WI
brick repair,Wind Lake WI
brick repair,Twin Lakes WI
brick repair,Lake Geneva WI
brick repair,Williams Bay WI
brick repair,Somers WI
deck repair,Waterford WI
deck repair,Burlington WI
deck repair,Tichigan WI
deck repair,Whitewater WI
deck repair,Pleasant Prairie WI
deck repair,Kenosha WI
deck repair,Brookfield WI
deck repair,Bristol WI
deck repair,Wind Lake WI
deck repair,Twin Lakes WI
deck repair,Lake Geneva WI
deck repair,Williams Bay WI
deck repair,Somers WI
hardscapes,Waterford WI
hardscapes,Burlington WI
hardscapes,Tichigan WI
hardscapes,Whitewater WI
hardscapes,Pleasant Prairie WI
hardscapes,Kenosha WI
hardscapes,Brookfield WI
hardscapes,Bristol WI
hardscapes,Wind Lake WI
hardscapes,Twin Lakes WI
hardscapes,Lake Geneva WI
hardscapes,Williams Bay WI
hardscapes,Somers WI
landscaper,Waterford WI
landscaper,Burlington WI
landscaper,Tichigan WI
landscaper,Whitewater WI
landscaper,Pleasant Prairie WI
landscaper,Kenosha WI
landscaper,Brookfield WI
landscaper,Bristol WI
landscaper,Wind Lake WI
landscaper,Twin Lakes WI
landscaper,Lake Geneva WI
landscaper,Williams Bay WI
landscaper,Somers WI
landscape design,Waterford WI
landscape design,Burlington WI
landscape design,Tichigan WI
landscape design,Whitewater WI
landscape design,Pleasant Prairie WI
landscape design,Kenosha WI
landscape design,Brookfield WI
landscape design,Bristol WI
landscape design,Wind Lake WI
landscape design,Twin Lakes WI
landscape design,Lake Geneva WI
landscape design,Williams Bay WI
landscape design,Somers WI
tree installation,Waterford WI
tree installation,Burlington WI
tree installation,Tichigan WI
tree installation,Whitewater WI
tree installation,Pleasant Prairie WI
tree installation,Kenosha WI
tree installation,Brookfield WI
tree installation,Bristol WI
tree installation,Wind Lake WI
tree installation,Twin Lakes WI
tree installation,Lake Geneva WI
tree installation,Williams Bay WI
tree installation,Somers WI
pergola,Waterford WI
pergola,Burlington WI
pergola,Tichigan WI
pergola,Whitewater WI
pergola,Pleasant Prairie WI
pergola,Kenosha WI
pergola,Brookfield WI
pergola,Bristol WI
pergola,Wind Lake WI
pergola,Twin Lakes WI
pergola,Lake Geneva WI
pergola,Williams Bay WI
pergola,Somers WI
retaining wall,Waterford WI
retaining wall,Burlington WI
retaining wall,Tichigan WI
retaining wall,Whitewater WI
retaining wall,Pleasant Prairie WI
retaining wall,Kenosha WI
retaining wall,Brookfield WI
retaining wall,Bristol WI
retaining wall,Wind Lake WI
retaining wall,Twin Lakes WI
retaining wall,Lake Geneva WI
retaining wall,Williams Bay WI
retaining wall,Somers WI
patio,Waterford WI
patio,Burlington WI
patio,Tichigan WI
patio,Whitewater WI
patio,Pleasant Prairie WI
patio,Kenosha WI
patio,Brookfield WI
patio,Bristol WI
patio,Wind Lake WI
patio,Twin Lakes WI
patio,Lake Geneva WI
patio,Williams Bay WI
patio,Somers WI
brick patio,Waterford WI
brick patio,Burlington WI
brick patio,Tichigan WI
brick patio,Whitewater WI
brick patio,Pleasant Prairie WI
brick patio,Kenosha WI
brick patio,Brookfield WI
brick patio,Bristol WI
brick patio,Wind Lake WI
brick patio,Twin Lakes WI
brick patio,Lake Geneva WI
brick patio,Williams Bay WI
brick patio,Somers WI
seat wall,Waterford WI
seat wall,Burlington WI
seat wall,Tichigan WI
seat wall,Whitewater WI
seat wall,Pleasant Prairie WI
seat wall,Kenosha WI
seat wall,Brookfield WI
seat wall,Bristol WI
seat wall,Wind Lake WI
seat wall,Twin Lakes WI
seat wall,Lake Geneva WI
seat wall,Williams Bay WI
seat wall,Somers WI

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Tony Norton started honing his craft almost three decades ago as a landscape maintenance company primarily servicing clients with weekly lawn services. Today we have evolved into a well-known company that is still rooted in its humble beginnings. 


His hands-on approach along with his passion for creating new and pleasing landscapes for our clients has made our company one of the most innovative and premier landscape companies in suburban Chicago and southern Wisconsin.


Using time-tested and forward-thinking design/build techniques and innovative and original designs while working closely with our clients. These are some of the qualities that set us apart from any other company! 


We also buy direct from all of our product distributors so we can offer the best pricing which allows us to offer incredible cost, value, and creative landscape installations. We are always on the cutting edge ensuring our client's Value and Satisfaction! " One Unique landscape At a Time"! That's our motto and that's what we strive to deliver!

Our Reach

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